Research Interests

My research focuses on applying machine learning techniques to practical problems in biological and biomedical research. I am particularly interested in problems involving network inference, such as inferring gene regulatory networks from gene expression data. I have applied Bayesian modelling techniques to this problem, including stationary and dynamic Bayesian networks. I have also applied sparse linear regression techniques for network inference. I have developed and tested new priors for information sharing in situations where the structure of the network can change.

Recently, I have been working on methods for parameter inference in ODE models of biological systems. Through my work at The Netherlands Cancer Research Institute, I have learned about the biology of cancer and have become interested in using hierarchical regression models for prediction on heterogeneous datasets, specifically in the context of drug response prediction.


  • 2013: PhD in Informatics, Thesis:”A Machine Learning Approach to Reconstructing Signalling Pathways and Interaction Networks in Biology” – University of Edinburgh.
  • 2008: MSc. in Artificial Intelligence – University of Edinburgh.
  • 2007: BSc. in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science – University of Edinburgh.

Full CV

My full academic CV can be found here.